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Course Explorer Diagram thumbnailThe Course Explorer uses concept matching to provide a superior course search for any education institution's website. As it looks for concepts rather than using a traditional string or keyword search, courses returned are always relevant and are returned in a ranked list showing how close the course matches to the original search term. Users can pick results from the top of the list if they know what they are looking for, or explore further down the list to expand their horizons while staying within the desired concept.

More details of how the service works can be found here. (pdf)

Course Explorer powers The Open University's "Explore our courses" functionality.

Benefits to your university or college:

  • 'Best of breed' course search service, significantly improves on free text and industry standard keyword searching
  • Potential students receive a more comprehensive and more accurate list of your courses that are relevant to their search
  • Better discovery of your courses leads to more applications, better targeted applications and more enrolled students at your university or college
  • Easy integration with your existing website, using a widget or web service method

Email us now for more information and a demonstration: enquiries@alanpaull.co.uk.


Course Explorer was built in partnership with Intelligent Global Solutions Ltd. - specialists in enterprise technology and IT services for the education sector.

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