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Process re-design

Why re-design?

Over time organisational processes and procedures change and grow as the organisation changes and grows. Even with the best of intentions, it is rare that this natural change doesn't accrue some extraneous admin, miss out something, or lose track of the purpose of the process. Process re-design gives the opportunity to take a critical look at what actually happens in the organisation (rather than necessarily what's written down as the process) and make judgements on how to improve. Better processes increase efficiency, information quality, reduce stress levels for staff, improve services for customers and ultimately save money.

Our expertise

We take a holistic approach to problems in organisations, involving key stakeholders at every part of the process to ensure that any changes meet their needs. We don't believe in "change for change's sake": we map and study existing processes thoroughly first, and recommend modifications (or re-working from scratch) only where necessary. We listen carefully to those actually operating the processes, use systems thinking methods to understand the reasons for the processes, and then make recommendations and guide stakeholders to a more streamlined way of working.

We've worked on major projects with:

  • University of Bradford
  • Bishop Burton College
  • University of Huddersfield
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • UCAS
  • various Lifelong Learning Networks