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APS consists of a husband, wife and daughter team, Alan and Charlie Paull and Jennifer Denton. Alan & Charlie are both information management and ICT specialists. Jennifer is also skilled in project management and communications. Our skills lie in information standards development, requirements gathering, process improvement, project management and website development. To assist us, we have a range of contacts at other small and medium sized businesses should our clients require other types of expertise.

Our work includes individual project and regular scheduled activities, such as the dissemination of courses information from The Open University to third party data collecting organisations.

We look forward to helping to deliver the projects and services that you require.


Alan's career has included courses data collection for the Polytechnics Central Admissions System (PCAS) and 8 years as technical lead at ECCTIS 2000, managing the technical delivery of the largest directory of UK courses information at the time (to 1998). He has been involved in the development and maintenance of courses information standards since the mid 1980s, including working on the Superclass and Learndirect subject classification systems and the Sector Subject Areas (SSA) system.

He has worked as a consultant on a variety of projects for JISC, UCAS, the Open University, the University of Nottingham and other universities and colleges. For several years he was an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Nottingham.

He has provided supporting technical skills to many JISC-funded projects from 'Specifying an e-Portfolio' to the Course Data programme, which rolled out XCRI-CAP to dozens of English higher education institutions. He is a co-author of the eXchanging Course Related Information (XCRI) eProspectus standard and has worked on several XCRI projects, including the XCRI Implementation Models (XIM) Project that synthesised experience gained from early XCRI work.

Current work is primarily focused on XCRI-CAP roll-out for postgraduate taught course information, working with colleagues at Prospects, and on the proposed new subject classification system for the HE sector, working with colleagues at the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards (Cetis).


With a First Class Honours degree in ICT from the Open University and an Applied Biology degree from Hatfield Polytechnic, Charlie has a background in both Science and IT. After working in the public sector for GLOSCAT (now Gloucester College), she joined Alan at APS in 2000 as a part-time employee. For APS she specialises in website construction, graphics and modelling, while also spending significant time on board and card game production for Surprised Stare Games.

Charlie has built websites for a wide range of our clients, including ADSET, many local drugs advisory services and for the XCRI Benefits Realisation project. She has also produced high quality visualisations for many projects, including the Supporting Responsive Curricula project.

Charlie operates our information processing systems that enable us to offer extensive courses information management services to higher and further education organisations.


Jennifer has a First Class Honours degree and is a qualified project manager accredited by the Association for Project Management and the Open University. She has public sector project experience working on regional procurements in the NHS in the East of England. She has experience working closely with technical and non-technical customers and has been very successful in the past at bridging the gap between the two.

Jennifer works supporting Alan on his projects, managing specific aspects where appropriate.