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National PG Rollout of XCRI-CAP

The National PG Rollout is a project run by Graduate Prospects, funded by Jisc, to refine and roll out a postgraduate specific version of XCRI-CAP. It follows all the requirements of the standard XCRI-CAP and so can be used in any instance where standard XCRI-CAP is used, but also adds some aspects specifically for PG.

For details of the specification and schema see the PG XCRI-CAP page.

As part of this project, PG compliant XCRI-CAP feeds can now be uploaded to Graduate Prospects in place of keying.

To see if your feed is compliant, use Prospects' Course Check validation service.

To upload your feed login to Graduate Prospects and follow the menu options.

If your feed is not compliant yet, or you do not have a feed, 2-3 days free support is available per institution. Contact us for more information.