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XCRI Users

Internal uses

As well as all the external users of XCRI-CAP feeds you will find on the following pages there are a number of uses for a feed within an institution wherever you need to transfer courses information from one system to another. Not all the information has to be used in each instance and the feed can contain more information than just what you want on external sites as long as it is clearly differentiated in the markup (see the xcriTerms section on the Specs and Schemas page for a list of additional descriptive fields which are already available).

  • Source data for institution main website and faculty websites, keeping consistency across the organisation
  • Ensuring marketing data matches with enrolment data
  • Source data for your print prospectus
  • Populating VLE with module and programme information for existing students.
  • Providing standard functions for displaying courses information, as a web service or API tool.
  • Linking courses information to services enabling students to apply for admission.
  • Linking together all graduate training provision within the institution; important as it satisfies Research Council requirements about making information available to researchers.  University of Oxford Case study
  • Linking courses information with careers information on your website
  • Website course search